So what would you fetch at auction, flyfisherman?

“A Botswana photo junket, a greenmarket tour with chef Mario Batali and a chance to have one’s infant featured in a Gap Baby ad are among items up for grabs at Christie’s International’s first-ever Green Auction.

The sale on Thursday night in New York benefits four environmental charities: Conservation International,, Oceana and the Central Park Conservancy. The event takes place on Earth Day’s 40th anniversary.


While some of the priciest offerings have been slotted into Thursday’s live auction, a silent sale — online until May 6 — includes a round of golf with former President Bill Clinton at the Trump National Golf Course (estimated at $100,000) and a one-hour tennis lesson with John McEnroe (estimated at $20,000).

For outdoorsy types, the silent sale includes a morning of Wyoming fly fishing with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard (estimated at $10,000), and an afternoon of falconing with Bobby Kennedy Jr. in Bedford, New York (estimated at $5,000)– from [my emphasis]

Putting aside the interesting commentary on our times inadvertently proffered by this report (five grand to watch a beautiful bird of prey in action and twenty times as much to play golf with a man whom I don’t know I could trust to tell me what day it is) the Yvon Chouinard reference throws up an interesting, if informal, going rate for the company of fly fishing illumini.

One of our industry’s leading lights is worth a 10th of a Clinton, or half a McEnroe, if you thinks that sounds better.

Don’t tell me it hasn’t got you thinking…

2 thoughts on “So what would you fetch at auction, flyfisherman?

  1. This could be a great Idea to raise money to improve the state of our rivers. It is without doubt that the water quality has improved ,but it still does not come up to the standards required to meet the water frame work directive in 2015. More reschearch is needed in the following areas, Sedimentation,Endocryne disruption, Abbstraction and more.

    Perhaps we could get some or our politicen’s to host a day on a river near them! they might learn something about the sad state of some of the southern rivers. Come on Guys what you bid for a day with one the Patry leaders on the river or lake near you!

    • That’s not a bad idea, Tim. If we end up with a coalition by the end of this week, the lucky bidder could end up with no fewer than three party leaders hanging onto his every word. Did I say ‘lucky’…?

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