The best Little Red Book since Marx’s?

One of my favourite flyfishing books is Jay Nicholls’ 1001 Fly Fishing Tips.

I’m lazy, you see. Not for me, ideally, wading through some step-by-step tome on casting technique or fly tying. Just give me a slender gem stuffed full of bite-sized Damascene moments that you can assimilate in an instant and which send you away with a rejuvenated optimism for angling.

It’s not just a fishing thing, either. I’ve never forgiven Ben Hogan for making golf sound like a double geometry lesson but nor have I ever forgotten the bizzare nugget of inspiration someone else provided in a magazine, that suggested I should putt with my eyes closed for improved ‘feel’ on the greens. The fact that it was only partially successful and made me look like an idiot can’t detract from its simple, eccentric charm.

Not quite so rooted in left field, 1001 Fly Fishing Tips is nevertheless full of equally intriguing, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? pearls and I believe The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing could be cut from the same stone.

Clearly of the opinion that you can only report on so many toxic assets and the geniuses behind them before it gets boring, Forbes, no less, has just offered a sneak preview of Kirk Deeter and the late Charlie Meyers’ book as part of their list of spring fishing tips.

“The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing contains 250 tips, covering casting, wading and fly selection, all written in bright, clear language”

Maybe Deeter’s offerings are old hat to some of you veterans but to a comparative lightweight like me, there’s enough enlightenment and contrariness in this brief peek at his thinking for me to add the title to my freeloading reviewer’s ‘wanted’ list.

I see only one problem. Added to Jay Nichols’ offering and assuming there’s no overlap, that will make it 1,251 tips all told, nestling between my desktop bookends.

I’m running out of excuses.


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