Fight pollution – burn rubber

I have to give them the benefit of the doubt over there in Washington State.

Even though my innocence where environmental responsibility is concerned died two years ago, with this shameful story, international relations decree that I rein in my bitter cynicism and try to accept that the Washington authorities really were at the cutting edge in fighting river pollution when they phased out copper in vehicle brake pads last month.

I must try to believe that they have the problem so thoroughly nailed down elsewhere, with every polluter in the state either writing out cheques for punitive fines or else sweating endlessly over a best-practice checklist to make sure they’re not next, that copper shavings stand alone as the worst remaining blight you’ll find in any Washington river.

But if you tell me my trust is misplaced, I can’t say I’ll be entirely surprised.

in the meantime, however, it strikes me that until copper is banished for good from the brakes of Washingtonian automobiles, it is incumbent on fishermen everywhere to lay off that nasty, anti-social middle pedal as far as they possibly can.

And floor it for fish.


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