End of the Line indeed where Channel 4’s concerned

I only found out yesterday that British TV station Channel 4 ran The End of the Line at the weekend: the documentary inspired by Charles Clover’s book of the same name, examining the parlous state of the world’s oceans brought about by over-fishing.

Alongside Red Gold and Rivers of a Lost Coast, it’s the most talked-about fishing movie of the last few years and understandably so. Wake-up calls don’t get any more stark than being told the current rate of commercial fishing will see the world’s oceans devoid of fish by the year 2048.

Thank goodness for the Internet and playback facilities, I told myself. All the TV channels have them nowadays, allowing their viewers to catch up online with all that crucial programming they may have missed on the somewhat larger screen in the corner of their living room. “Making the unmissable unmissable” the BBC says of its own site.

As for Channel 4’s 4 on Demand version, alas, the unmissable looks set to remain missable where End of the Line is concerned. I have asked 4 if there’s a reason why no space can be found among all the second-helpings of lightweight tat, to re-run a chronicle of environmental barbarism that shames our species.

I shall hold my breath and hope it comes down to something other than an inadequate bare-genital count.


This just in from Channel 4:

“THE END OF THE LINE which was shown on Channel 4 on the 06/03/10 is a repeat of its original transmission on More4 on 20/10/09. 4oD must acquire very specific rights for online viewing and in most cases we only hold the rights to show an episode on 4oD for up to 30 days after the original broadcast date”

So, no-one’s fault, then. Just a crying shame.

Ah well, at least the Women’s Institute Guide to Brothels is saved for posterity.


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