Potty Fisher Toilet Game – ‘number twos’ just became ‘dibbling practice’

Potty FishingTry and catch 4 fish in the bowl of water with the provided fishing rod as you sit astride your toilet. …Treat an avid fisherman to Potty Fishing, pack him a few sandwiches and a flask of tea and watch him trudge up the stairs for an hour of quiet time”

Three observations:

1. Just in case the term doesn’t travel: the definition of ‘dibbling’

2. Memo to copywriter: I don’t know what kind of hovel you’re used to, buddy, but if there’s one place in my house I’m not eating a pack of sandwiches, it’s the john

3. If there’s a video out there somewhere of the model’s phone call to his agent that morning – “So, whatcha got for me today?” – I will pay money for the link


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