Death in the Nile

Not to decry the problems with first-world rivers for one moment but there’s a sobering dash of perspective in this report on the lamentable state of fishing in Egypt’s River Nile. When even someone in marketing says “The river is basically Egypt’s sewer and I wouldn’t eat anything living in it,” you know there’s a problem.

And much as I hesitate to second-guess the experts, I may have to make an exception for Malcolm Beveridge of the WorldFish Centre:

“With human waste, the principal concern is parasite and disease cycles, but I don’t think there’s much evidence to show that fish feeding (on sewage) pose a risk to human health, particularly if the fish are cooked properly before they are eaten”

I think you’ll find it’s the risk they pose to human appetite that’s the more immediate problem, Malcolm. Vegetarian menu please, waiter…


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