Fishing boats – more than one hard sell involved

If it can work with yachts, you have to think Oasis Yachts’ Spousal Conversion Kit might work with humbler vessels, when it comes to persuading your other half that what your marriage needs, above all else, is a boat…

Some of it, however, needs tailoring. ” Plan for your dinner date with friends to be close to a boat dealership” – fine if you live in Marina del Rey but in Britain, this strategy would frequently see you eating in the kind of dockside locale where prostitutes’ perfume and the smell of stale shellfish vie for supremacy.

“Get your S.O. in the mood for boating by purchasing them a captain’s hat for the ride along. Present the gift to them when you pick them up”. If you’ve married someone this easily impressed, she’ll probably buy your line that the average fishing boat costs £10 anyway, rendering this whole pantomime unnecessary.

[pic courtesy of quinn.anya]

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