Writing, cricket and flyfishing as one

Almost made a massive fool of myself by getting completely the wrong end of the stick about this extract from one of playwright Sir Tom Stoppard’s plays, referred to in an interview with the Daily Telegraph:

“One of the best lines in The Real Thing is spoken by a writer. He is comparing a good script to a cricket bat that is ‘sprung, like a dance floor’. If you hit the ball properly with it it will ‘travel 200 yards in four seconds’ and make a noise ‘like a trout taking a fly’”

‘Sir Tom Stoppard catches 40lb trout on giant willow hooks’ was the original title of this post, then I realised that he wasn’t talking about the impact between bat and ball but the sound of the ball hissing through the grass on its way to the boundary, a sound reminiscent of a tautened line being yanked off  the water’s surface as  a hooked trout peels away from the scene of the crime.

And that, I concede, is a perfectly reasonable analogy.


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