Line trays – a prayer answered…

A recent column of mine in Trout Fisherman lamented the unfortunate juxtaposition of necessity and ugliness where line trays are concerned.

I don’t know if anglers’ inventiveness takes the same form elsewhere in the world but in the UK, the conventional tray tends to be a plastic washing-up bowl tied to the waist with a piece of string. Does a great job but hardly a great look.

“Please, tackle designers: rods and reels have surely reached their aesthetic zenith…” I wrote [Trout Fisherman 399]. “If you’re looking for gear with real scope for development, it has to be the line tray.”

Lo and behold, we may be getting there. The William Joseph Retractable Stripping Basket/Wading Belt gives you a mesh tray when you need it and only when you need it, otherwise it doubles as a wading and tool belt.

Thirty-two dollars with Cabelas, there’s one going on eBay for a few bucks cheaper as I write.


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