Catch might be free but never take it for granted…

Wonder how many times Catch founder Brian O’Keefe second-guessed the decision to make the magazine free of charge, during his three-hour swim to survival while filming off Belize for the launch issue?

“I was on a tropical trip to do video and shoot stills,” he told Midcurrent recently, and one day I was doing underwater video photography of permit, 50 feet deep. While I was under, a storm blew in and the dive boat lost me. I came up after 45 minutes to huge breaking waves, no boat and no land in sight. After almost three hours of swimming I found a small reef with a navigation light on it. I waited there and finally the dive boat saw me. It was a close one”

As someone who’d lay down and die at the prospect of walking three hours, let alone swimming them, I am in awe of his powers of understatement. Particularly as I’m sure, whatever statistics might suggest, that there’s no way you can spend that long in tropical water anywhere without certain evocative memories taking over your head.


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