Draycote Water, Warwickshire and latest Trout Fisherman

The latest issue of Trout Fisherman hits the newsstands on December 29th and will include a feature examining the possible repercussions of Severn Trent Water’s decision to suspend fishing at Draycote Water throughout 2010.

As part of that feature, TF wrote to 24 MPs whose constituencies contain fishing waters owned by water companies and posed the following question:

“If a water company appeared poised to stop or severely limit fishing at a fishery in your constituency, what action, if any, could your angling constituents expect you to take once they made you aware of the situation?”

Over the two weeks that followed, seven MPs provided constructive responses and are quoted in the article. Pressure of space has forced me to turn to the Internet to list those MPs who are yet to reply, however, together with the names of the waters on their ‘patch’:

Jonathan Djanogly (Grafham Water, Cambs)

Helen Goodman (Grassholme Res and Hury, Co Durham)

Alan Beith (Fontburn, Northumberland)

Patrick McLoughlin (Carsington Water, Derbyshire)

Jeremy Wright (Draycote Water, Warwickshire)

Mark Todd (Foremark, Derbyshire)

Norman Baker (Arlington Res, Sussex)

Evan Harris (Farmoor II, Oxon)

Gordon Banks (Castlehill, Perthshire)

Mark Lazarowicz (Crosswood Res, Lothian)

John Barrett (Glencorse and Clubbiedean Res, Lothian)

David Hamilton (Roseberry Res, Lothian)

David Mundell (Daer Res, Borders)

Pete Wishart (Loch Turret, Perthshire)

Michael Moore (Megget Res, Borders)

If any of these would like to make their views known, we would be happy to include them in a future issue of Trout Fisherman. If you’re a constituent and would like to press your MP on the issue yourself, track him/her down here.

Both email addresses we tried for Mark Francois (Hanningfield, Essex) bounced, at which point we began to lose the will to live and a special mention must be made of Anne Mcguire (Carron Valley Res, Stirlingshire). Our request to each MP had included the following polite request:

“…Trout Fisherman’s readers would be grateful if you did not dismiss this question as being merely hypothetical. For the reasons stated…[we] believe it has been promoted from ‘hypothetical’ to ‘possible’ and therefore warrants a considered response.”

Ms Mcguire’s considered response: “As I am not aware of any direct threat from Scottish Water to any of the lakes in my constituency I am not minded to enter into discussion of a hypothetical question.”

Oh well, we tried.


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