News leak – stakes raised, tone lowered in brownline fishing

Remember this, all you fawning western businessmen falling over yourselves to embrace China’s star, currently soaring in the east.

They keep fish in urinals over there.

“The restaurant in Changchun city has around 20 fancy carp in the four-metre long trough in the gents’ bathroom.

The Eastern Asian Economic and Trade Daily says experts have condemned the move as harmful to the fish and “disrespectful to China’s fish culture”.

The owner added that the fish were intended as an attraction for diners and were not used in dishes.

Guests seemed surprised to find fish swimming in the trough which has sign saying “Please urinate here” above it.

“If they didn’t have the sign here I would have thought it was a new fish tank,” said one diner, Mr Wang.

“It’s really interesting,” added another, Mr Sun, who said he was planning to use the bathroom again, just to repeat the experience.

“I’m just off to get my rod,” shouted an animated Mr Tung. “Looks like they’re taking off the top .”

All right, so I made one of those quotes up.

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