Esoteric fishing website of the week

vanburenOne of the less heralded fly-fishing blogs, Fishing for History nevertheless continues to come up with some of the best stories.

Pride of place this week must go to its tip-off for The Van Buren Boys’ Blog. It may sound like a PR vehicle for a bluegrass band but it’s actually the work of “…five dedicated craftsmen working together to create a fishing exhibit for the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site in Kinderhook, New York. Martin Van Buren was the 8th President of the United States…”

Not to mention an angler whose prowess the VBBs feel has been lamentably underestimated by history.

And the men who make up this eclectic quintet?

“Dr. Todd Larsen…will be writing the history of Van Buren and Fishing.

Dr. John Elder …will be charged with constructing an 1850s-period Porter General rod and a period tackle box.

Philip Allen…will be in charge of constructing period 1850s metal spinners and flights, which Van Buren used for muscky fishing on the St. Lawrence.

Royce Stearns…will be tying period 1850s flies.

Dr. Michael Hackney…will be reproducing a period 1850s fishing reel in brass and constructing a horsehair line.”

Something tells me I’d be better off socialising with these guys individually rather than collectively. In the spirit of historical research, though, I’m happy to plug what appears to be the solitary gap in their reconstructive endeavours.

I have sourced the period 1850s Martin Van Buren hairpiece.


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