Fresh fish – taking the guesswork out of E. coli

Barf in SaunaThis would make a good examination question:

“You’ve caught a nice trout at mid-day on a warm day…Let’s make the following assumptions:

  1. The fish was caught around mid-day and kept for 6 hours in a bass bag at 15° C
  2. The drive home took 1 hour with the fish in the boot of the car at 20° C
  3. Once home, the fish is quickly cleaned and stored in the fridge for eating the following evening (or frozen but allowing 1 day to defrost in the fridge)

How fresh will the fish be?”

Please use both sides of the paper and show all workings.

The stuff of guesswork for so many of us, a trout’s eat-by date can now be reduced to numbers, care of this helpful idiot’s guide at TopTrout.

The answer to the above, by the way, is as follows:

  • “6 hours at 15° C is equivalent to 36 hours at 0° C (6 x 6 hours)
  • 1 Hour at 20° C is equivalent to 9 hours at 0° C (9 x 1 hour)
  • 24 hours at 4° C is equivalent to 48 hours at 0° C (2 x 24 hours)

The total equivalent time is 93 hours, less than 4 days, at 0° C. This is less than the 5 day high quality shelf life, so the fish should be of high quality”

None of this applies to those of you in off-campus student accommodation, of course. You’ll eat the thing whenever the hell you like, raw if the mood so takes you, and suffer no visible consequences whatsoever.

[pic courtesy of redtype]

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