Knives review cuts through my ignorance

KnifeAt the risk of being Stumbled by all kinds of inappropriate inner-city teen sites (make love, not war, guys. And please stay away from the suburbs: it’s really dull out here and we own nothing of any value) I must pay homage to Field & Stream‘s 20 Best Knives review, which makes rather short shrift of my previous opinion that you’ve seen one knife, you’ve seen ’em all.

Once you’ve got past the sensual curves of the Russell Canadian Belt Knife and the Randall Model 3, or the sheer strangeness of the Ulu (a terrific chopper, scraper, and skinner”) and the Woodsman’s Pal, there are the names to deal with: charming, almost sentimental labels – Busse Battle Mistress, Leatherman Wave, The Loveless Drop Point – that seem wholly wasted on implements of death.

Clearly, there is far more going on in the knife world than I realised. Not all of it unsavoury.


One thought on “Knives review cuts through my ignorance

  1. I’m no Flyfisherman, But I’m a stumbler and an avid camper, It’s definitely worth looking into the many types of knife available to you and determining which fits your needs exactly! Highly recommend it!

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