Road rage without tears

carHe’s two miles upstream. His parking is right in front of you.

Denying you a space in the fishery car park or just the opportunity to get into it.

While you’re perching your car on a verge at a 45 degree angle, or trying to exit the vehicle in the six-inch gap available between your door and a stone wall, the buffoon whose ignorance put you to such trouble is having a blast, well out of harm’s way.

Maybe even catching fish. Your fish.

Shineboxprint can’t remove your rage but they can remove the “impotent” that usually prefaces it, with a series of calling card messages that tuck ostentatiously behind Mr Lookin’-after-Number-One’s wiper blade.

I used to park like this. Then I turned 6,” perhaps best encapsulates the aplomb with which the people behind this masterstroke have grasped the brief.

Point made and you’re gone. From now on, let him be the one thinking, “If I ever get hold of the guy who did this…”

[pic courtesy of the spectre los]

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