Best bar for fishermen

Drunk!All right, so not all of America’s Best Fishing Bars relate to our type of fishing. Doesn’t necessarily stop ’em being our kind of place.

Those that have website coverage are listed below, together with their Unique Selling Proposition.

Brown’s Wharf, Maine – reflected affluence. No-one’s to know that yacht’s not yours

R.F. McDougall’s, N.Y – reassuring paternalism: “Your server will present this evening’s dessert offerings following dinner. Please yield to temptation…it will be okay

Howard’s Pub, North Carolina – “Best Odds for Getting Lucky With an Octogenarian”. Sold.

Half Shell Raw Bar, Florida – A dozen oysters for just over £6. Shame Howard’s Pub is so far away

Mel’s Crow’s Nest, Ohio – “Reservations are being accepted for our Annual Haul Out Party…Featuring Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Adams”. I have no idea what this means but I’d really like to be there

Chili Willie’s, Texas – “They didn’t have decaf coffee”. What greater endorsement of watering hole excellence could you possibly require?

Sportsman’s Inn, New Mexico – no website (and given that the list is three years old, I suppose any one of these bars could have disappeared by now) but any establishment that introduces a new tint to your bibulous rainbow must have an honourable mention. Apparently, Jim Beam + Disaronno = ‘Fisherman’s Godfather’.

New Atlas Saloon, Montana – Stuffed animals, live poker and the occasional armed heist.

The Salty Dawg Saloon, Alaska – “Exxon Valdez Story Telling and Live Music…20 years later, we know your stories are still fresh. Come share them with us and enjoy live music later”

Tirebiters, Missouri – “The kitchen is now open all day!”

Mary Todd’s Workers Bar & Grill, Oregon – “We love ’em up, feed ’em up and don’t give a damn what they smell like”

[Pic courtesy of andrew_mc_d]

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