Colour barrier in flyfishing, yes or no?

Black and white Face paintingWhile yet another reminder of how black and white photography has an elegance that colour can’t reach, Matt Grobert’s enquiry – Do trout see in black and white? – may already have been emphatically answered in the negative elsewhere.

“The trout’s eye is capable of detecting colour over a slightly broader bandwidth than our own, extending into the far red (to about 800nm) and is very similar to ours having both rods, which detect only monochrome differences and are very sensitive, and cones which detect colour” – says Dave Wallbridge.

Dana Griffin III, on the other hand, fights the monochrome corner in an old edition of First Coast Fly Fisher. Have a look at some of these in the FCFF archive, incidentally, there are some useful articles there. Just ahead of Dana’s piece, for example, Gordy Hill offers some tips on casting into the wind that yours truly has seized upon with relish: It’s Never A Question of ‘Will There Be Wind, But Simply ‘How Much?’ is, for me, already one of the sport’s great truisms.

[photo courtesy of Don Hankins]

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