Stealing a March on the opposition

On the rare occasions when I’m asked to write advertorial for tackle companies, I swap my sportswriter’s hat for  a copywriter’s hat and gently try to impress upon my client the beauty of the soft sell.

Saying 50 times in the course of a thousand words that your company is so utterly fabulous, its articles of association might have been penned by the archangel Gabriel himself, only gets you so far in the eyes of a hype-weary public, I tell them.

Be whimsical, give your potential customers something other than corporate chest-thumping and you’ll start to make genuine inroads into their consciousness.

Now I have March Brown to help fight my corner. Not only has the travel rod manufacturer decked its website in the rustic browns and leathery, timbery images that scream ‘Great American Outdoors’ so effectively but it’s added some nice, no-strings-attached extras – readers’ travel stories, travel regulation updates and a list of ‘Excuses to fish rather than work’.

Small touches in themselves, yet devoid of overt salesmanship. No matter how calculated a strategy that may have been, the respite  from clamouring commerce is no less welcome. Here’s a company that isn’t trying to flog me something at every turn. A company that has a sense of humour and a little humanity. A company I’ve warmed to accordingly.

The soft sell. I’ll keep preaching its virtues as long as there’s breath left in my body.



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