Fly for all seasons – stop me if you’ve heard this before

It’s the fishing equivalent of Marilyn Monroe fluttering her eyelashes at you. Someone only has to mention a killer fly that’s all things to all fish and he’s assured of our undivided attention.

ESPN Outdoors‘ Gary Giudice looks nothing like Marilyn but he knows which buttons to press when developing a ‘must have pattern’ story

“there is one fly that caught as many fish as all the others combined” (heavy petting)

“You can’t buy it; you have to tie it yourself” (foreplay)

“over the years I catch, on the average, 50 percent of my fish on the thing” (oh go on then, Gary: take me, I’m yours)

The object of desire here is a caddis fly pattern, whose particular appeal is to those of us whose ambition is to be known not by how many fly patterns we own but by how few we need:

“The Weber’s is a dead ringer but fish don’t always think caddis when they see it. The Weber’s does it all for the very few other fly fishermen who know about it. It fishes as a nymph weighted with split shot, in the surface film, swing and twitch and even dry. This thing is better than an Adams and a lot easier to fish!”

It is possible to grown cynical about such tales, of course but the latter claims are not to be taken lightly. Trout Fisherman‘s The Complete Fisherman’s Fly describes the Adams as “probably the most popular and widely used dry fly in the UK”.

Giudice’s report includes full tying instructions.

I’m off for a lie down and a cigarette.


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