Wm Joseph Fishing Pack: beasts of burden get better lookin’ every day

williamjoseph_escape-pack-copper-400It looks like part of an ejector seat but you can’t fault those behind this William Joseph fishing bag for adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the look of a fisherman on the move:

“The internal frame is built specifically to transfer weight off your shoulders and onto your hips providing you the freedom of movement to mend the line and cast all day. Not only to you get nearly 1800 cubic inches of main pack space you also get two well equipped adjustable workstations that you can either keep on the waist belt or remove as needed”

I thought it was too good to last. “Workstations”? That’ll be “shoulder-strap pockets”, then. Not sure bringing the terminology of the workplace to a leisure item is the best marketing ploy I’ve seen this week.


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