Think “Afghanistan”, you think “flyfishing”, right?

Lake Band-e-Amir, AfghanistanIf anyone has peed in the wind more than Prince Mostapha Zaher this week, it will surely have drowned them:

“Afghanistan will become again the tourist destination for Central Asia, for Americans, Europeans, for people of all the world. You can hold me to that. In five years. You can grab me by the tie and hold me to it.”

Midcurrent weighs up this breathtaking optimism from a flyfishing viewpoint and let me say that should His Highness ultimately be vindicated, I shall, for once, be happy to eat humble pie.

I was going to run a jokey Taliban photo with this post but then I saw the picture of Lake Band-e-Amir. Click on it to see the Afghan Grand Canyon in all its glory.

I cannot share the Prince’s confidence. I do, however, see where his hope springs from.

[photo courtesy of Carl Montgomery]

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