Wiping out lakes to create jobs

Am I really that much of a loony Leftie to be slightly uncomfortable about this?

“A mining company was given the go-ahead by the Supreme Court on Monday to dump waste from an Alaskan gold mine into a nearby 23-acre lake, although the material will kill all of the lake’s fish

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whose name may ring a bell, hailed the decision as “a green light for responsible resource development”. What a Sarah Palin ‘scorched earth’ policy would look like, I shudder to think.

For those against the decision, however, there is at least a new battlefront on which to pitch their tents.

“The court ruling “confirms that this thoroughly studied permit and plan is the best environmental choice” for disposal of the mine’s waste, said Tony Ebersole, the company’s director of corporate communications. Company lawyers said in court arguments that after mining activities are halted the lake will be restocked.

“The lake will be as good or better as a fishery than it is today,” Ebersole said”

A promise for which Mr Ebersole and his boardroom colleagues should be hounded to the ends of the Earth until they have delivered on it to the letter.

And I won’t pretend I’m holding my breath.


2 thoughts on “Wiping out lakes to create jobs

  1. Coeur had three options for disposing of the crushed rock and water coming out of the mine:

    1. Pump it into a nearby stream.
    2. Pump it onto the ground
    3. Pump it into the lake.

    They took the most reasonable option. It will settle to the bottom of the lake. Once there, the material will differ little from what was already at the bottom of the lake.

    The lake is one of more than a million lakes in Alaska, the great majority of which will never be impacted by any commercial operation. The high drama over this entire thing is much ado about very little.

    Meanwhile, 370 people, mostly unemployed natives who live in poor villages, will get decent jobs to feed their families and help pay the ridiculously high prices that are charged for nearly everything in Alaska.

    – JP

    • Josh,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m thousands of miles away from this, so whatever my misgivings, I appreciate anyone who can offer a little local input. Hopefully, your observations will stir others into adding their own.

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