Video games – fishermen get off lighter than some

Good to see Great Wild Outdoors isn’t too proud to get all excited about Wii’s Hooked! Real Motion Fishing.

Video game simulation is an easy target for the innate sniffiness of some anglers but if you’ve thirty minutes to kill and a gift for suspending belief, they can be great fun. Looking at some videos of the game in action, I was struck by one critic complaining at the lack of realism in a game that takes you from casting to a fish-eye-view of your lure being retrieved, in the blink of any eye.

Hell, if I could make just one alteration to real fishing generally, the option of watching a follow and take from underwater at the flick of a switch would be precisely it. Do any of these detractors ever stop to think how unappealing an actual reality fishing game might be? Rain running down your neck, numb from the waist downwards and standing in a river for three hours while precisely nothing happens. As Trout Underground might put it, see you at the refund desk.

And if it’s Wii bastardising your sport that worries you, take heart: you could be a boxing fan. Keep your eye on the guy in the white shirt, about 55 seconds in. If you’d told me I’d live to see the day when the Sweet Science went ‘camp’, I’d never have believed you…


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