For Father’s Day – a fishing guide classic

sarah and dad fishingFrom Gray’s Sporting Journal – here’s just a taster:

“Why, sure then, little feller,” Rusty said, his voice dripping with poisoned honey. “Since you promised, there’s some diesel fuel in the yellow jug back there in our boat. Splash a bunch of that on the wood and light it with this.” He tossed the Weasel his lighter.

“I get to light the fire! I get to light the fire!” the Weasel yelled to everyone, and they all gathered around to watch.

“Hey!” Rusty screamed. “Not that jug! Don’t—!”


The explosion of boat gas sent them all to the ground as a column of flame leaped 60 feet. There was a chilling silence.

“Cool!” they screamed as they ran up to us with singed hair, no eyebrows, and no eyelashes. “Can we do it again? Can we?”

[pic courtesy of aquanada jewelry]

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