Cheap fishing tips – look away now, Mr Tackle Shop Owner

TightwadYou may have to buy the mag to get the full benefit of Cheap Thrills – Field & Stream’s look at the shortcuts to cheap fly fishing – but there are plenty of nuggets to be mined from the comments received in response to a promo post for the article on the magazine’s blog.

This one in particular – “…get a ShamWow. Great for wiping hands or sweat, and, can be soaked and used like a cooler around the neck” – brought the recently-deceased Bev Perkins to mind.

Bev was one of the old school of fly anglers in the English midlands, whose flair for improvisation (he would get fish looking upwards in readiness for a dry fly by depositing globs of his own spittle on the surface) saw him regularly tiptoe the fine line between bending and breaking the rules in the eyes of his peers, although Bev himself was adamant that he never cheated.

I interviewed him two years ago, filled two sides of tape and then watched him get ready for fishing by donning a Gestapo-style overcoat and a bar-towel around his neck in case it rained. “They’re designed to soak up liquid,” he said, “so why not…?”

[Pic courtesy of stevendamron]

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