Rivers in Motion – a review

Iconic American fishing venue Henry’s Fork, shot from 12 angles, filmed over a total of 80 minutes.

No voiceover, no harp music, no people, no script. An hour and twenty of just looking at and listening to a river on DVD. The ultimate reality television.

Among those not asking “What the hell were they thinking of?” will be:

  • Anglers so landlocked, the only running water they experience outside of fishing trips comes from a tap
  • People who’d love a water feature in their garden, if only someone else would build it
  • Prison Service psychologists with serial-killer patients in desperate need of a ‘happy place’
  • TV zombies who are easily pleased
  • Stressed out executives who’ve discovered that you can only chill out to Enya so long before the process starts to reverse itself

I offer no judgment here, in fact I find this product impossible to review. It is what it is and it looks and sounds just as you’d expect it to. Whether it works for you or not is a purely personal decision.

Personally, I’m a ‘no’.

[The angler who e-mails me with the most entertaining reason why he simply has to own this DVD, between now and midnight on  14th June 2009, wins it. United Kingdom anglers only and don’t forget to include your postal address. No alternative prizes, my decision final, yada, yada, yada…]


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