Where to fish? One-stop answer to an age old question

flyfishmap_site+logoEarly days but already FLYFISHMAP.COM is showing promise. The  new interactive flyfishing website aims to help any flyfisherman decide where to fish in his neck of the woods or beyond, using Google Maps technology.

The creation of angler and publishing consultant Ed Burgass, the site offers information such as fisheries, fishing guides, tackle shops, instructors, accommodation, events, property for sale and conservation issues.

Users can add photos and YouTube videos of specific locations to the site, while writers can add fly fishing stories and articles to the site by using the ‘blog’ and ‘article’ markers. Fishing businesses, meanwhile, can create links back to their own site by adding clickable ‘markers’ to their area on the map.

Personally, I like the ‘Recently added’ panel just below the main map, allowing you to see instantly what’s been added and also the fact that you can customise the markers so that only those that you’re interested in (eg ‘accomodation’ or ‘where to fish’) are shown.

It will be interesting to see just how big Ed has to make his map if this idea really takes off but it is nevertheless a concept that deserves to do well. While there’s not much happening over the Indian subcontinent at present (and there’s a line you don’t read often) the video showing fishing in the rivers of northern India is well worth four minutes of your life – a teasing hint of the fishing awaiting us if only the wider region in that part of the world could sort its political problems out.


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