Casting tip

I was given this tip by a Scottish gentleman some weeks ago and there was just something about the tone of the conversation that suggested if I didn’t publish it in some way, shape or form, I might not hear the end of it.

It’s for the rookie caster struggling to get used to the 11-to-1 power arc in the casting stroke and going too far with his back cast, with all the attendant horrors that result.

With your casting forearm horizontal and at 90 degrees to your upper arm, clutch the narrow end of a standard size drinks bottle, so that the bottle is resting on your forearm, while the bottle’s base is pressed firmly against your upper arm.

Although you’re holding the bottle neck from underneath (whereas you hold a rod handle from above or to one side) having the bottle jammed into the crook of your arm makes it physically impossible for the forearm to go too far back when you rehearse the casting motion while holding the bottle. It’s a way to groove your muscle memory, in other words, when you’re alone with time to kill and a bottle…

The chap swears blind it’s been a revelation to struggling tyro fly casters in his neighbourhood


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