Eastern Rises – 99% perfect

I’m last one onto the train with this, I know but the trailer of a new film from Felt Soul Media has only just come to my attention and it would be a soulless fishing blogger who didn’t give it a plug somewhere down the line.

If you only know of Kamchatka through the game of Risk, think again. If I’d known what the fishing was like, I’d have invaded it with my first move of the game, every time.

Nicely measured intro, building up the atmosphere, a climax that thankfully doesn’t go berserk and a group of anglers more interested in being fishermen than being right-on.

My only reservation is with the F-bomb late in the clip. Two problems if fishing films decide to go down this route:

1. You have to think twice about showing your kids a movie that could fire their enthusiasm for a sport that is showing signs of declining participation

2. When you’ve spent all day hearing cusses in your workplace and dispensing a few yourself at times of stress, you want to see the bar raised just a little higher when you sit down of an evening to be entertained.

That apart, when and where do I get the DVD?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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