New Trout Fisherman out now

391-cover5_page_2 FREE 40-page Fishery Guidewhere you can fish in the British Isles, what they offer and how much it costs

  • Reader offer – save £192 on a reservoir outfit
  • Subscriber offer – get a free Airflo Ridge Ultra Supple line
  • Expert boat tips – why is my partner catching more than me on the same set-up?
  • The tackle, tactics, flies and casts to get you among the wild browns
  • How to camouflage your casting
  • How to tell when fish just aren’t interested (and if you can do something about it)
  • Prepare for the reservoirs – be successful on the bank when the going gets tough
  • What 18,720 casts a year could do to your arm
  • Is the fishing widow’s lot as bad as it’s painted?
  • The importance of a balanced outfit
  • Tying Hawthorn imitations
  • Pike fishing in North Yorkshire
  • Are match anglers risking their lives for a medal?
  • Reviewed: Hardy Angel 2 TE rod; Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket

Any problems getting hold of Trout Fisherman where you live in the UK, please email me.


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