Book Wednesday at Taunted By Waters

dry-fly-gospelbookcover-172x300Assuming I’m not the only one who enjoyed Moldy Chum‘s ‘Patron Saints of Fishing’ series (search against ‘saint’ on Moldy’s old site: St Bobberganoush, patron saint of strike indicators, is my personal favourite, although for its wonderfully unabashed cheesiness, Larry Van Pelt’s ‘With You Always‘ still enjoys pride of place in this believer’s artistic affections) there should be some interest in Dry Fly Gospel, a collection of short stories by Terry Coffey.

From Amazon:

“The stories which make up the collection “Dry Fly Gospel” share the common theme of fly-fishing. The characters struggle with major life changes, and in many cases receive a certain amount of hope thanks to the “Good News” about fly-fishing (that it’s good for you!). The stories include “Dry Fly Gospel: Excerpts from the long-lost fishing journal of the disciple John” (originally published in the Yale Anglers Journal); “These Fishers Tell the Infirmities of Men” (originally published in Kaleidoscope) in which war veterans recuperate from the worst wounds of all, those of the mind and soul; “Attracted to Light,” part epistle and part self-realization; and “The One That Got Away” (first published on,” which is best described as “X-Files” meets fly-fishing. In between you’ll find a fly-fishing nun, a confused grandmother, a tree of mythic proportions and a guide who solves “dirty little problems” like poor casting technique in a send-up of the hardboiled genre”

And while on the book theme, anything flyfishing-related that you can’t find at the wonderful Google Books site, may crop up at Open Library.


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