Bleak days ahead for fair-weather fishermen?

I know the no-eyelids thing makes sunshine and good fishing largely incompatible (whether you blame God or evolution, SOMEONE wasn’t thinking of sun-worshipping anglers, that’s for sure) but how many of us still prefer to associate fishing with balmy summer evenings?

Blistering heat giving way to comfortable warmth and the busy chirrup of crickets providing a soothing counterpoint to the motionless pond before you – I’m not standing on my own in this corner, surely?

How much longer, though, before trout fishing gravitates emphatically towards a winter season? There are already several stillwater fisheries in the UK that close for a while during the height of summer, while relying on winter trade to take up the slack. Now, a New York Times article linked to by Midcurrent, suggests that such thinking is sound…

“Colder winter water holds more oxygen, so it would be better for the fish to have a closed season in the dog days of August, according to Roger Bloom, a senior fisheries biologist who oversees California’s wild and heritage trout program. More stress on trout comes from anglers fishing in slow-moving water in the heat of summer.”


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