Czech Republic flyfishing’s coolest nation for now

I’d thought no-one did self-deprecating, sardonic humour like us Brits but take a bow the Czech Republic. We would have ben proud to have penned this withering summary of the welcome that awaits visiting anglers to this European nation. Sarcasm and pidgin English combine in a quite glorious polemic.

Some highlights:

“A fishing license may be issued to a foreigner, if he produces a valid fishing license issued by the country of residence he is citizen of…Fly fishermen from Scandinavia have an advantage. Their language is completely unknown to the Czech official. There was a case where once an official accepted a magnetic parking card of a Finnish fish-canning factory. The graphic logo of a herring was apparently sufficient to the Czech official”

“If you cannot produce a document by which a Czech official will believe that you are in fact able to catch fish, then you will have to proceed with the qualifications. That includes a test on the knowledge of fishing, fish anatomy and laws around fishing. If you don’t know where a Czech Carp® has its liver and penis, you don’t have a chance”

“The Czech republic is beautiful, we have beautiful rivers, which are full of beautiful fibreglass two seat boats with loud canoeists in summer, we have unprofessional and un-competent fishing control guards, and, with a few exceptions, fishing grounds which are void. But all this nevertheless does not change the fact that we welcome your wallets”


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