Oh no, another eminently-watchable trout movie is coming…

“We’ll just have to re-decorate the hallway  some other evening, darling…”


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  1. I am helping with this project. That trailer is just a teaser. Coulter has won awards for his documentaries.


  2. […] via the guys with the funny accents at Taunted by Waters, we present a trailer for yet another fly fishing […]


  3. This is Coulter’s award winning documentary on the Cost Of Oil. I believe this documentary is NOT going to be the typical trout bum movie. I would be surprised to see any anglers in it.

    The Cost of Oil: Voices from the Arctic (47 min)

    Coulter Mitchell

    Interviews with the native peoples living on the North Slope of Alaska and experts from Shell Oil, biologists from the Audubon Society and The Smithsonian Institute, and environmentalists are set against a backdrop of the artic tundra. This powerful piece examines the imminent danger that the world may face in drilling for oil in the dangerous Arctic Ocean


    • Posted by False Caster on March 23, 2009 at 10:47 pm

      Thanks for your input, Len. Even without an actual fishing aspect, it still looks a film worth watching.


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