Primetime TV heavyweights home in on fishing

Whatever your views on the American Museum of Flyfishing inviting former US vice-president Dick Cheney to its annual dinner (note to UK readers – if you didn’t know this already, Cheney is seen as being as good for the environment as he is for his shooting partners) we mustn’t complain at flyfishing getting a little airtime with two of America’s biggest names in television, David Letterman and Keith Olbermann, both of whom have pounced gleefully on the chance for one last dig at the previous Administration.

You have to wade through some other stuff in the Olbermann clip to get to the story. Given that his sneering ‘fisherman’ stereotype suggests that he’s not one of us, it’s perhaps fitting that Letterman gets the best punchline:

“Cheney has now been invited to speak at the American Museum of Fly Fishing. After his speech, he’s going to demonstrate how to waterboard a trout”

The Bush regime, flyfishing AND a Guantanamo reference.

Heady days…


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