“Flyfishing taught me nearly everything I should know…”

My thoughts on telesales cold callers notwithstanding, I was prepared to give Mark ‘The Heat-Seeking Sales Machine’ Stevens the time of day as he began his Entrepreneur.com article on transferring flyfishing skills to salesmanship.

“I received some of my most valuable sales seminars from my father–while wearing hip waders. His mantra: Be yourself. Even if you smell like fish…”

And his first four examples make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, all his good work is undone by no. 5:

“Prospects are not doing you a favor by making time to see you. I always view it as their good fortune to see me…”

I (and I suspect anyone equally turned off by the cult of self) must beg to differ here. Not only do I see nothing lucky about finding myself in the presence of someone with an overblown idea of his own importance but the prospects of him selling me so much as a Coke in a desert are precisely zero.

What a shame you didn’t stick around a little longer when your dad was on the water, Mr Stevens. You might have gleaned another of fishing’s important life-lessons.


Now get your foot out of my door.


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