…and those who can’t, read…


Oh, the weather outside is frightful…but it least it gives us the chance to catch up on what everyone’s writing about our favourite pastime.

Here’s a round-up of what’s come to my attention in the last few days…



“This is the most comprehensive and authoritative book ever written on angling in Big Sky Country. Whether you prefer to fish the big-name, blue-ribbon rivers, smaller tributary streams, or the big-fish producing lakes, everything you need to know is in this book” – Charting Nature

Reviews – good and not so good..



“An artist struggles to capture the essence of her parents in portrait and opts to paint them on the stream. A father ponders his son’s chosen life, far away from the mountains and streams that he loved.

The free-spirited wife of a ladder-climbing Yuppie shocks the fly-fishing club he is trying to impress.

What, besides fly fishing, do these characters have in common? They star in Bruce Ducker’s brilliant new collection…” – Barnes & Noble

The author – a lawyer but don’t let that put you off

Reviews here, here and here


“Dry Fly Gospel is a collection of stories in which the Good News–the Gospel–of fly fishing is reflected in its impact on the lives of the protagonists.

In this collection you’ll find sci-fi/X-Files, semi-religious, experimental, hard boiled spoof, and more.” – Moldy Chum

Review this one yourself, it’s available as a free download.


Can’t find a review for this at present but Steel and Powell’s Books have content details.

The authors’ website can be found here.

To order a copy of any of the books on sale, click on the cover photograph.


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