Oh joy – sharing your Pad with 70 fishermen

getoutofyourcube1I’m not sure you can have no liquor, no tobacco smoke and no dirty laughter and still call it a social network for fishing but TroutPad are giving it a go regardless.

“A group of friends set up TroutPad so we could fish more and fish better. Whether its sharing great tips, connecting with friends, organizing the next trip, or finding about other trips, TroutPad has all the tools to get you hooked up”

Boasting 70 members to date, it appears mercifully free of the facilities to poke/prod/blow virtual kisses etc, of the kind found on Betweenmyearsliesabigvacantspacebook.

A promising start, then.


2 thoughts on “Oh joy – sharing your Pad with 70 fishermen

  1. Thanks for the nod. I thought about adding the “blowing kisses” thing but I am glad to see that you confirmed it as a bad idea.

    One small correction. Since we are an online group that is (so far) small enough to practically get together in person we save the “jack and cigars” for the river.

    We will keep a spot open for you. You and your buddies are always welcome.

    – Bruce ( http://www.troutpad.com admin)

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