Sports sponsorships would be great, if it wasn’t for the sponsors…


Good news:

Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, has been named official whisky sponsor for the World Fly Fishing Championships, which will take place for the first time in Scotland from 5-12 June 2009″

Bad news: someone from Glengoyne insists upon commenting on the deal, or rather upon having words put in his mouth by one of those PR people who seem to think businessmen must have a language all their own.

‘Bull**** Bingo’ cards at the ready, then, as Marketing Director Ian Weir clears his throat…

“This sponsorship is the perfect synergy for Glengoyne. With many of the events taking place within close proximity to the Glengoyne Distillery, it lets new and old visitors to the area create a more personal connection with the brand…the association with the World Fly Fishing World Championship will continue to increase awareness and build presence for the Glengoyne brand.

“Not only will Glengoyne be the official pouring brand of the competition but we will also be providing a number of commemorative prizes of personalised bottles of Glengoyne for the competition.”

Ah, good old ‘synergy’. You always know you’re in the presence of suits when you hear the ‘s’ word bandied around. As soon as I suspect most of them know what the hell it means, I’ll amble across to the dictionary and similarly bring myself up to sp enlighten myself.

And is there really a difference between ‘increasing awareness’ and ‘building presence’?

No matter. This show has another star altogether.

What in heaven’s name is a ‘pouring brand’…?

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