You may want that one again, Mr Picture Editor

shirt_ride_wht_ss_sm1A pretty ho-hum story on rod technology started taking a turn for the better when I turned my attention to the gentleman in the photograph. Or rather his shirt…

‘Great Alaskan Bush Company’?

‘Put ‘Em Away Wet’?

Hang on a minute…

Tirelessly as ever, I delved deeper in the interests of quality journalism.

Great Alaskan Bush Company. Been there and got the T-shirt (available in Heather Gray or White)…

“The Great Alaskan Bush Company is an Alaskan Tradition featuring First Class adult entertainment with exotic dancers from all over the world…Ride ’em Hard, Ride ’em Fast, Put ’em Away Wet!”

I’m sure Sage will be delighted at the association.

The clock is now running on how long it takes Chris Bautsch to get in touch and stress (a) he’s never even been to Alaska (b) the shirt was a gift from his brother-in-law and (c) he wears it purely to be ironic.


3 thoughts on “You may want that one again, Mr Picture Editor

  1. As Chris’ sister, I can assure you (a) he’s been to Alaska many times and even lives there in the summer to help with fishing charters out of Seward, (b) the shirt was most likely purchased when he and my husband (his brother-in-law) visited the ABC, and (c) he’s definitely not ironic!

    • Thanks so much for getting in touch, Kelli. If this doesn’t demonstrate the power of the Internet to answer most of life’s questions, then nothing will. Give Chris my regards.

  2. Dear friend
    I had a chance to read the article, it made my don’t know me but i’m sure if you did you would like who i am.I fish all summer season in the great state of alaska running on a 6 pack boat 14 hours of travel and fishing everyday.When we are done 4 or 5 of us load up the truck head out and fish out of coopers’s landing where the kenai and russian rivers meet,hike where we are by ourselfs,fish release until are arms fall off.Wake up 4:30am and do it again.Go to youtube look up 205 gaint halibut view it then when it is over go to the right of it see related videos from C Blough.And if you are ever in seward come say hi 5am or 6 pm j-dock cleaning station. You won’t bring any gear i shall gladly let you use one of my 5 sage rods outfitted with some nice tibor reels. Thanks for the pub Chris

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