Psaros reel drops core values

It’s the one they’re all talking about; the eye-catching Psaros II Trout reel with a hole where the spindle’s supposed to be.

The bearings are instead on the periphery of the Swedish-made reel, where you use your fingers or hand to impose drag. A handle either side of the reel means you can swap hands instantaneously, if the intensity of the fight so dictates.

A price tag of $495 leaves me a little numb, however. Having recently crushed the handle of my spare $20 reel in stepping back from the water’s edge at Rutland last month, I know only too well how fragile rods and reels can be.

If I’m taking a £328 reel with a hole in the middle out onto the water, I’m looking for a design concept more along these lines.

Deer Creek Eddy has spotted a similar idea with a gentler price tag (but no swapping hands) while Brandon Simmons at Trout School goes the extra mile with an interesting post on the man behind the Psaros design:

“He is a chief engineer/head designer for Siemens and designs Emergency Room hospital equipment for a living”

Not being a medical man, I can only speculate as to his inspiration…

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