I have my virtual river – virtual casts now urgently required

Humerus (right) - posterior view

Image via


Ah, ’tis the season. Thanksgiving beckons, Christmas around the corner, Britain’s first snow on the ground and fishing hacks reprising Chaplinesque pratfalls on slippery pavements.

If this blog’s posts read a little slowly for the next month or so, it’s because a broken humerus means I can’t write very fast. Any trophy wives out there with a Master’s in mothering; I’m hiring.

And yes, it is my casting arm.

So the bon mots will be petit to boot for a while but we soldier on. Found this great site for ambient background noise while-u-work yesterday and as there’s a river included, I just had to pass the goodness on.

If any of you have come back from breaks in your casting arm, meanwhile, all advice/encouragement will be gratefully received in this parish. I’m back in hospital tomorrow for the orthapaedic verdict and, in all probability, a small op to reset my arm. Trying hard not whimper like a small child right now.

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