Tread softly, for you tread on my nightmares

It’s a sensitive time for everyone right now. Rare is the person not worrying about his job, thanks to Wall Street’s avaricious incompetents Masters of the Universe; rare are the families not worrying about the roof over their heads or meeting heating bills now that winter looms.

If you’re trying to wring a positive from this mess, it had better be a damn good one.

‘How was fly fishing able to provide help during the credit crunch’

I can’t lie. I had a bad feeling about this press release just reading the headline. But let’s not pre-judge, I told myself. Maybe an evicted family of four can eke out some kind of existence, living in a fishing creel. Or maybe it is possible to ward bailiffs off your property armed with just a nine-foot four weight…

“What sounded like an unrealistic claim at first, in fact held some truth depending on the view point taken”

Oh lordy: that “view point taken” wouldn’t entail redefining the word ‘tenuous’, by any chance?

“…but there is one thing that is far more important than money during a financial crisis. Launched in 2008, the Fishing Guild quickly became known as the place for fishers the world over to unite and learn more about their favorite topic.”

That’s right: take heart if you’ve just divided your evening between blowing the dust off your curriculum vitae and trying to appeal to your mortgage lender’s better nature. At least there’s somewhere to go and chat about fishing.

All right, so some people appreciate the refuge their hobby brings them in a time of crisis but I’m still not convinced – to push your website on the back of a global mess that’s causing sleepless nights for so many? I keep thinking ‘crass’; I keep thinking ‘insensitive’.

And I keep thinking of this…


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