Why do I think this one could run?

“Amid widespread criticism, a Belgian public broadcaster on Monday scrapped a television show on Adolf Hitler’s favorite meal…A preview of the Hitler episode showed professional cook Jeroen Meus going to Hitler’s haunts in southern Germany to prepare trout with butter sauce, which is believed to have been one of Hitler’s favorite meals.”

When you consider the lengths to which the antis will go to get their message across, this one is a cinch in comparison: see someone eating trout in a restaurant, wave your arms around wildly, berate him for eating “Hitler’s food” in a loud voice and demand to be moved to a new table.

Put most people on the wrong end of that and watch those vegan pasta orders soar.

Now think of the barracking you’ll get on the river bank – “See?! He hunts the food of the Fuhrer!!”

And you just know someone will come up with a really damning play on words, involving “fish” and “Fascism”.

I think Belgian TV are too late. The damage has been done.

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