Write? I have a train to catch…

Taunted by Waters will be on ‘hold’ until next week as it’s time for me to don my ‘schmoozing’ cap.

Having had it up to here with flyfishing bloggers waxing lyrical on the delights of Fly Fishing Retailer this last week, my chance to turn the tables is finally here.

You may have seen Denver, you freeloading scoundrels, but the joys of Glasgow Angling Centre‘s Open Weekend will be mine and mine alone.

For the next two days, look for me to be furiously putting beer and lapdancing on expenses networking with the trade in the 11th renewal of this autumnal beanfeast.

I’m there between 9am and 5.30pm tomorrow and on Sunday morning and look forward to meeting any Trout Fisherman readers who have views on the magazine, be they good, bad or indifferent.

We shall reconvene here on Wednesday, provided my Sunday evening change of trains at Carlisle goes more smoothly than I dare hope.


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