So what fly do you tie for this baby?

It’s not all 90-year-old lures over at Fishing for History. Watching this amazing video of the archer fish in action produced one of the rare occasions on which I don a fly tyer’s hat and attempt to figure out the type of fly that would bump up my creel’s archer fish quota:

The archer fish, see, shoots down its prey with spit. I’m thinking of a small bug encased in a sphere of dried, sputum-impersonating Superglue.

Given that the fish will know he ‘s been duped even more quickly with fake spit than he might with a hook, the angler’s window of opportunity will be tiny and some might argue that for real authenticity, you don’t bother impersonating saliva at all. Simply dangle your fly four feet above the water and when the fish spit hits, demonstrate the touch of a master by the way you simulate the fall to its doom of a drenched and stricken insect.

Fishing from behind an umbrella may also be advisable.

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