Is this the dream house for trout fishermen?

Forget location, location, location. It’s all about perception, perception, perception.

Some folk, the kind who presumably never stop to stare for even a second whenever they pass a river, feel Foltz House is a problem.

Built by a trout hatchery in Maryland, the Herald-Mail reports, there’s not a thing you can do with it.

“The house was built over underground caves and springs, what state officials say is one of the best places in the state to raise trout. As a result, the house cannot be easily renovated and inhabited. Conversely, it can not be easily torn down. Either could have harmful effects for the hatchery.”

Right, so there’s this house with – wait for it – a quarter of a million young trout produced annually on its doorstep and because of concerns about the water supply being tainted, you “couldn’t use chemicals such as those found in cleaning products, bleach and gasoline”.

Translation – inbuilt excuse for skipping household chores. This just gets better and better.

Admittedly, lavatorial obligations could be a problem (“well drilling and faulty sewage systems could taint the spring water and harm the fish”) but nevertheless, I believe Don Cosden – the man in charge of Maryland’s inland fisheries – underestimates affluent fishing eccentrics everywhere when he asserts, “I don’t know anyone who’d be willing to live like that and be willing to invest $150,000 to $200,000.”

Personally, had I the cash on me, not one cent of it would be going on the house. Instead, it would go on a fishing lake in the hatchery grounds, to be open to the public in return for a dollar a day and two bags of my personal waste to be taken with them when they leave and flushed down their own john.

If there’s a better angling deal anywhere in Maryland, I’ll be astounded.


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