Time’s a great healer, Mr Cheney, just not a fast one

Rarely do I dwell on any story involving US vice-president (countin’ the days…) Dick Cheney; a man I now realise was put on this planet solely to make Donald Rumsfeld appear cuddly.

In browsing this account of his fishing the Snake River with a Washington journalist in tow, however, I was not so much struck as clobbered by this paragraph:

“Not that he can’t fend for himself, but Vice President Dick Cheney might breathe a bit easier after the House this week passed the “Former Vice President Protection Act,” a bill to ensure that former vice presidents and immediate family members receive Secret Service protection for six months after they leave office.”

Six months? You really think the last eight years will all be forgotten about in SIX MONTHS?!!!

You’re looking over your shoulder forever, Mr Vice-President. Deal with it.


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