Not my idea of bear necessities

As you’d expect, I’m all for journalists hunting down the full facts of a story. Occasionally, however, it is incumbent on all of us, I think, to draw a discreet veil over those facts that merely augment the pain of the person on the wrong end of the tale.

So when some poor fisherman in British Columbia has a bear clamber onto a dock, leap into his boat and maul him, I believe the unfortunate chap deserves a little more than to have the reporting journalist close his account with this:

‘”Initial findings indicate that it was a very old bear in very poor health,” said Environment Ministry spokeswoman Kate Thompson.’

Great. If I’m lying in a hospital bed with skin like flaky pastry and suffering flashbacks so traumatic it may be months before I can sleep with the light off, I can’t think of anything more likely to ease my suffering than the knowledge I’ve just been turned over by the ursine equivalent of an incontinent pensioner.

Kick a man while he’s down, why don’t you…?

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